Kindle Book Giveaway (January 9 – 11)

To all my author friends, my friend and colleague Kathleen Gage is giving away her newest book, Virtual Book Tours for Indie Authors: Strategically Using Podcast Interviews to Create Massive Visibility, Profits and Book Sales for a very limited time.

All you need do is go here to learn more.

Plus! Right now, you get two training videos that go deeper into the topic of virtual book tours.

Don’t miss this. It ends on January 11th.


How To Be Relentlessly Focused And Disciplined And Get More DONE!

I’ve often said that I get more work done in just one or two hours than many people do in an entire week.

That’s actually true, and my big secret is that when I’m working I’m EXTREMELY FOCUSED. I don’t allow anything to distract me.

I’m also very disciplined, so when I identify what I need to get done, I simply don’t let anything stop me from DOING it!

I developed this degree of focus and discipline largely after listening to a 2-MP3 audio set that I now keep loaded on my laptop… and re-listen to from time to time.

I’d like to give you these two audios as a free gift.

You do have to opt-in to an email list in order to get them, but that’s only because the coach/mentor who recorded the audios made that the minimum “price” when he sold me the resale rights license.

Since the audios DID actually help me to develop extreme focus, discipline and RELENTLESSNESS, I consider these audios priceless to someone who actually applies even a fraction of what they teach.

The only time you will receive any email from me via this list would be when I notice something that would help you be more focused, disciplined, relentless and productive.

To request the audios, please fill in the form below.